Beef Tripe & Chicken Complete 1kg
Paleo Ridge Beef Tripe Organic Chicken Raw Dog Food Storganics

Beef Tripe & Chicken Complete 1kg

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Paleo Ridge Grass-Fed Beef Tripe & Free-Range Organic Chicken Complete

Paleo Ridge are the leaders in ethically sourced dog food. Even their packaging is biodegradable! Wonderful company ethos. They use only outdoor, grass-fed beef (never slaughtered without stun) and organic chicken pieces in this popular complete mix. If you're new to raw, please remember, tripe will possibly be your dog's favourite but it can smell a bit...tripey!! This chunky (1cm pieces), nutritionally balanced complete meal contains 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal and is packaged in 1kg boxes.
70% beef tripe, 20% Organic chicken with bone, 5% beef liver, 5% beef kidney/spleen
Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 13.8g, Fat 9.2g, Ash 1.3g
Raw Dog Food Calorie Barometer:
relatively lean raw dog food
PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order of raw dog food is 10kg, Mix & Match