WoolCool Comes to Storganics!

Fighting the tide of plastic and polystyrene, WoolCool is quickly becoming the most popular way of shipping raw dog food. Made from sheep's wool,  it can keep 20kg of product frozen over a 48hr journey time, just as good as polystyrene, which often ends up in landfill where it takes up to 500 years to break down! 

WoolCool inserts on the other hand are totally compostable and biodegradable but better still, they are reusable and totally sustainable. 
You collect them, send them back for a full refund and we reuse. Simple!

This is how it works:

  • After you choose your products for delivery, a refundable €4 WoolCool fee will be applied to your shopping cart.
  • There are two WoolCool inserts used in each delivery box (up to 20kg)
  • At the time of your third order you must purchase a refundable WoolCool Return Token from our store (see below*)
  • Once you receive your third WoolCool order, you neatly fold and place the previous 2 sets of inserts into the cardboard box you just received along with the set already in the box (3 sets total)
  • Tape up the box nice and secure and email us at Storganicsireland@gmail.com with the required details (see below**) before 2pm the day before the desired pickup from your chosen address.
  • Pease type WOOLCOOL COLLECTION into the subject bar
  • Once we receive the box with 3 sets of inserts in reusable condition, we will issue you with a full refund directly.

*If the Driver arrives to the pre-arranged collection point and the WoolCool package is NOT available to collect, then you will lose your WoolCool Return Token Deposit. Storganics will be charged for the pre-arranged collection regardless of whether it is collected or not!

** Return Email Details Required:

  • Name, 
  • Full Collection Address (including AirCode if possible),
  • Phone Number
  • Any additional information that could make the collection process more efficient.

Email: Storganicsireland@gmail.com


NOTE: If you are not going to be at home and plan to leave the box somewhere else, we need precise details of where the where the return WoolCool box will be (porch, neighbours, local shop, behind a bush etc). If you think it's going to be raining and the box is not in a sheltered position, please cover the box or put it in a plastic bag.

Time to rid the world of polystyrene for good!


Time to rid the world of polystyrene for good!