Whole Ground Sardines, 1kg
Whole Ground Sardines, 1kg
Paleo Ridge Fish Complete Raw Dog Food Storganics Ireland Online delivery

Whole Ground Sardines, 1kg

Fish Complete 1kg

Paleo Ridge are the leaders in ethically-sourced dog food. Even their packaging is biodegradable!

Paleo Ridge only use organic, wild sustainably sourced or ethically sourced meats in all of their complete range.

A nutritionally balanced complete meal containing 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal

Oily Fish; Sardines,Mackerel, Sprats, Sea bass, Herring

Protein 18.8, Fat 11.2, Moisture 65.4, Fibre 1.7, Ash 2.9


PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order of frozen raw dog food is 10kg, Mix & Match