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Oculus Prime | For Weepy Eyes

Do you have a dog that has constantly streaming eyes? These wet conditions fuel the growth of a nasty red or black fungus (that's the staining bit, for the large part, the tears are always clear!). There is no point continually clearing this muck away, it will come back. You need to address the tears. Asides being a bit unsightly, weeping eyes is more often than not a symptom of inflammation under the hood. Luckily there's lots you can do. From removing processed foods to nasty chemicals, many of these things do not require a product. However, if you have a stubborn issue, Oculus Prime’s is most certainly unique, natural and highly effective solution to tackling many of the causes of weepy eyes in dogs. This seaweed and moss blend works systemically, reducing inflammation from the inside, which in turn will reduce the weeping eyes.

Oculus Prime:
Reduces water from the eyes by combatting the inflammation that causes it
Reduces tear stains over time (which is caused by a fungus that thrives in the damp conditions)
Helps soothe irritated eyes
Assists in the elimination of free radicals

Available in 300g Tub