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The WoolCool Return Token (refundable) is used in conjunction with our new WoolCool Boxes. When you have collected enough WoolCool inserts (3 Sets) you must buy a return label so you can send a box full of inserts back to us via courier. We refund all monies spent straight into your account as soon as the box arrives with us in a re-useable condition!

Please Note: When you plan to send the box back, you must email us by 2pm the day before collection with all vital details.

Details include your name, address and mobile number and also, crucially, if you are not going to be in and plan to leave the box somewhere else, we need details of exactly where this box will be (porch, bin, neighbours, local shop, behind a bush etc). If you think it's going to be raining and the box is not in a sheltered position, please cover the box or put it in a plastic bag.

If the driver calls to collect the return package of inserts at the prearranged time and place and the package is not available for collection, then we cannot refund your Return Token charge. We will be charged €6.50 by the courier company whether they pick up the box or not so please make sure you are in or you have left it in the exact location provided in your WoolCool Collection email.